Question: Is the TypoEffects application free to use?

Answer: www.TypoEffects.com, including the TypoEffects application, is not in beta anymore. Some features are now restricted in its use, e.g. saving the image in full resolution.

Question: Can I use the TypoEffects application on Mac computers?

Answer: Silverlight is also supported on Mac with Intel-based processors. To avoid problems while running the TypoEffects application you should install at least Silverlight 3. Older Macs that are built on PowerPC will not be supported due to Silverlight’s limitation.

Question: I have installed Silverlight on my Mac computer, but the application does not start?

Answer: Unfortunately, Silverlight does not run in 64 bit browser on Mac computers. Please start the TypoEffects application in a 32 bit browser!

Question: Can I use the TypoEffects application on Linux computers?

Answer: Moonlight is the free and open source implementation of Microsoft’s Silverlight for Linux and is supported by Microsoft. It is not exactly clear if the needed functionality is already included in Moonlight 3.

Question: What about fonts?

Answer: For legal reasons www.TypoEffects.com only displays the default fonts. That means only the installed (default) fonts on the client computer are displayed and selectable by the user. Furthermore, in the newer version of the TypoEffects application, the user can set local fonts manually.

Question: Why are keyboard inputs blocked in full-screen mode?

Answer: Unfortunately, this restriction is based on the Silverlight plug-in and there is no workaround. The official reason of Microsoft:

When a Silverlight-based application is in full-screen mode, most keyboard events are disabled. This limitation of keyboard input during full-screen mode is a security feature, and is intended to minimize the possibility of unintended information being entered by a user.